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Developing Custom Automated Robotics & Control Systems Since 1992

13 Axes Machining Center    5 Ton Spring Compression Tester    Automated Aircraft Window Shade Router    Automated Precision Spray Painting Machine    Automated Tube Honing Machine    Avionics Button Plate Autotester    Electrical Panel Design & Fabrication    Nuclear Detector Scanning Robot    Precision Insert Press    Control Software    Plane Wreck Shear Tester    Wall of 576 Actuators    Flexible Tooling Actuator    x90-2 AC powered servo    Ethernet Node Motion Control Module    Trunning Tooling Fixture    MCS 2010 Central Control Computer    Universal Control Pendant    Medical C-Arm Robotics    High Speed Flying Bridge Gantry    Pick and Place Packaging Robot    Terminal End Fitting Tandem Drilling Machine    Titanium Spar Welding Table    Flying Knife and Other Unique Systems    Flat Panel Router Table    Aircraft Elevator Control Certification Fixture    50 Ton Steel Bar Winder    110 Actuator Reconfigurable Spar Curve Validation Fixture    Collator