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Avionics Panel Button Tester by Motion Control Systems


Avionics Panel Button Tester by Motion Control Systems


Developed to test a wide range of switch panels requiring a detailed certification printout and real time graphical profiling. 


The challenge with this machine was capturing reliably the defection transitions.  With any dome based switching mechanism there is that "chicklet" feel when the switch is pressed and released.  What is really happening is once the switch is depressed to a certain point, it "pops" down, or essentially pulls away from the finger.  Therefore the force/distance graph in a time based domain looks similar to a miniature mountain peak.  As the switch continues to be pressed to it's end of travel, a larger "mountain peak" is displayed next to the first.  As the switch is released the same thing happens,  only in reverse:  As the finger lifts, the switch "pops" up, causing a third force spike.  Consequently a third, smaller peak is generated.  Therefore the switch actuation profile is seen as three force/deflection peaks/valley relationships side by side. 


The system requirement is to capture the differentials between the "peaks" and  "valleys" and show whether they fall within certain parameters, flagging any failures.  This all sounds fairly simple until one takes into account the force transitions can be 10th's of ounces and the distance differentials can be as low as .002".  Factor in a throughput requirement of a few seconds per test and the complexity of the motion of software relationship begins to become apparent.  To further complicate the matter, "Off Axis" testing is also required for each switch.  This is to certify what happens when a pilot strikes the switch with a quantified "glancing" force. 


The result is that the differential between the peaks and valleys is reduced, making reliable data capture even more dicey.  We have delivered a number of these units over the years, and the one shown here is the most refine, capable and powerful to date.


Avionics Panel Button Tester by Motion Control Systems         Avionics Panel Button Tester by Motion Control Systems

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