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Precision Insert Press

Aircraft Floor Panel Insert Press By Motion Control Systems

Aircraft Floor Panel Insert Press



This 2 ton press forms collars into the mounting holes on aircraft floor panels to within .002" of the surface top.  The challenge with this application was that the floor panels have a thickness variation of up to .005", therefore the motion control required was much more then a simple preset index.  A spring loaded sensor ring with and internal LVDT was part of the bottom press anvil.  As the top anvil down stroke impacts the collar, the sensor ring is deflected, sending an analog signal relative to the level of the surface back to the controller.  The signal is used to determine the end position of the stroke travel.  The key to achieving production rates comparable to non-intelligent "bang-bang" presses was to essentially throw the actuator servo into reverse for a number of milliseconds in order to stop the down stroke within tolerance.






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